Order managment

Order management system that is very suitable for various web shops and similar activities that deal with sales. With the help of this system,sellers have insight into all incoming orders, they are enabled to process the order in a simple way, as well as insight into the achieved turnover.

Order managment

About the client

Jana Nails is a global nails brand with recognizable products and education with the best educators. In cooperation with Jana Nails, we created a perfect order fulfillment system that made her work even more efficient and high quality.


Jana Nails



Scope of work

  • MVP
  • Product design
  • Web development

Problems and goals

The main problem was time and order management where employees would lose tremendus amount of time to process single customer order. The goal of creating this system is to speed up the execution of orders, as well as a simple insight into all incoming orders and monitoring of their status.


The problem that Jana Nails had, when implementing orders, was completely solved by the integration of this system. Now they are much more efficient, of better quality and have reached a new level.

The system is designed for tablets. Each employee has his own tablet, which he uses to process orders, contact clients, create an offer, a GLS label and/or an invoice that is linked to e-invoices and fixed with one click.

The administrator of this system has insight into the statistics of each employee, where he tracks his contribution, i.e. the number of processed orders, earnings, etc.

Project technologies

Technology we used

We focused on keeping the platform easy to integrate into existing e-commerce platforms and keeping it fast not to impact the user experience. The order management technology stack is:

  • .NET Core
  • Gulp
  • PWA
  • Blazor